Tatiana Clark

Miss Gay Pennsylvania America 2017

Tatiana Clark was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico in the month of November. She grew up in a big loving family where she is the youngest of four brothers and sisters. Raised by single mom Gloria, Tatiana always showed passion for arts and entertainment. She moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania when she was 9 years old and learned how to speak English while in elementary school. She started the art of female impersonation when she was 17 years old. Becoming the first Miss Shimmers in 1999 a club for teenagers. After exploring the craft that involves female impersonation she was advised to run for the Miss Gay Harrisburg America after she turned 21 where she placed 1st alt to Poison. Not giving up she decided to compete the same year for Miss York America and capture the title. As her hopes to become the next Miss Gay PA grew she got accepted to college in her home town Puerto Rico and had to leave her dream behind to become a professional. Now after 15 years she came back and won Miss Gay Lancaster America 2017.  As our reigning symbol of excellence, she will remain humble and approachable to others she hopes will compete in city preliminaries in the 2018 season. 

As the new state titleholder, she plans on expanding the Miss Gay Pennsylvania America organization and increasing city preliminaries from 6 to 10. Should you be interested in becoming a contestant or becoming a promoter she can be reached at tatianaclark@missgaypennsylvaniaamerica.net. 

Contestant Spotlight:

1st Alternate Roxi Starr

About Roxi:

Roxi Starr was born on January 21st, 1985 in Tulsa, OK. She has two older half-sisters (from her father's side) who are non-identical twins. Thus making her an only child to her loving and incredibly supportive mother DayleAnn and the firstborn son to her military enlisted father. In addition to immediate family, Roxi was brought up with most of her extended family members and saw most of them on various vacations or holidays travelling to numerous places across the continental U.S.
Just after her first birthday, Roxi's dad moved their family to the airforce base in Tucson, AZ. Tucson would be where Roxi would spend the next 25 years of her life, give or take a couple of years. Roxi's childhood was always an imaginative adventure filled with music and creativity.  Whether it was her solely reenacting her favourite movies (portraying every character in them) in her room; or rehearsing with her sisters all summer to put on an originally recreated version of Peter Pan in her living room for her family; nothing was impossible for Roxi. Even if she didn't want to learn more in regards to entertaining, it was in her blood. Roxi's mother was a naturally gifted singer with a voice of an angel, instilling songs and an eclectic range of music genres as soon as she was born. Their mother-child bond only grew stronger when Roxi's parents divorced when she was 12 years old and made the descision to not live with her father. The next few years were some of the best and worst for Roxi. Aside from dealing with becoming a teenager; she faced her father remarrying, having a new stepmother, high school drama, the tragic passing of her stepmother, and finally realising her sexual identity. All those things just made her grow stronger and persevere against adversity. Roxi came out to her mother at 17 with acceptance and unconditional love. Roxi had her first experience in female illusion at 18yo when she and a friend spent their last day of senior year in high school as queens. They were assisted by Roxi's first same-sex partner at the time and first love. Again the road became challenging on many levels for Roxi forcing the art of female illusion to fade due to an abusive relationship fueled by alcoholism and addiction. She thankfully was able to overcome her demons with the help of friends and family, and now after two additional long-term partners and two years in Missouri she flourished into adulthood with the bonus of a college education in Practical Nursing. After almost eight years in healthcare Roxi was ready for change, and with the suggestion of female impersonation from yet another partner (that Roxi proposed to for a year) she asked long-term friend of 11 years, and female illusionist, Janee' Starr to teach her everything she knew about the art. After reluctantly accepting and some 'painting' classes Roxi Starr made her debut in this world in March of 2013. After only a year of practising and with much to learn Roxi decided to uproot from her life in Tucson and move, with her year-old chihuahua Zeus, across the country to Philadelphia to be with her fiance who had moved four months prior. Leaving both her own mother and newly acquired drag mother she was scared and excited to see what this city would hold in her future. Within just a weeks time she had an interview (and a week after that the job) at ICandy Nightclub in the heart of Philly's Gayborhood, which she currently still works at. Roxi Starr's eyes had been opened, and she started experiencing what a major city like Philly had to offer. She wanted it all she knew was that there was no stopping her from getting it. Although she and her fiance split and 
although she was unsuccessful not only once but twice at winning Philly Drag Wars; Roxi Starr was not going anywhere and wanted nothing more but to make her mother and drag mother proud of her back in Tucson.

Roxi Starr has been a resident of Philadelphia and ICandy Employee for three years as of June 2017. She has won Tabu Sports Lounge's bar pageant and the title of Miss Fish 2015 in that same year. She was awarded 2nd Alternate at the 2016 Miss'd America Pageant in Atlantic City, NJ. She currently is the FIRST EVER Miss Gay Philadelphia America 2017 Titleholder and 1st Alternate to Miss Gay Pennsylvania America 2017. Not mention she has been happily partnered for the last year and live happily together with her now 4-year-old chihuahua Zeus. She and her team are so excited to show Miss Gay America how strong, determined, and driven Roxi Starr is to becoming a National Symbol of Excellence in 2018. 
Miss Gay Pennsylvania

Miss Gay PA 2018
July 13 -15th, 2018 (tentatively)

2018 Venue Information:

Clarion Hotel and Conference Center
Harrisburg West
148 Sheraton Dr, New Cumberland, PA 17070

Room Block: MISS GAY PA (Contestants and Promoters)
40 rooms included at $99.99 a night

Adam Feeser
Jeremy Schlieve

(717) 745-7473